November 21, 2004

And the Meek Shall Inherit the Earth



If you think you’re going to see more pictures of Bush getting squeezed or marginalized anytime soon, you’re fooling yourself. If “W” took a back seat last week at the ceremonies for the Clinton library, he otherwise spent time moving things out of his way.

The past week was actually impressive in that regard. While conservative blogs had been speculating about which Republican heavyweights might gain cabinet appointments, Bush dropped into place a group of long time functionaries guaranteed not to make much impression on anybody. With “Georgeleeza” Rice heading for the State Department, the President has set the stage for a through house cleaning there. At the same time, one of the highlights of the week involved the sound of heads rolling at the CIA, set in motion by new Director and Bush functionary, Porter Goss.

So, remember this picture of the Big Dog and the Little Dog. It might be the last time in his Presidency you see Bush having trouble getting past anybody.

(photos: NYTimes)

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