November 1, 2004

Rage Against the Machine


“Votergate” is a video that tells the story of Bev Harris, and how she exposed Diebold’s highly fallible voting technology. It also recounts other abuses, including the story of Republican Susan Bernecker, a local council candidate in Lousiana whose 1996 election was thrown by electronic voting system fraud. (Above, Harris shows Howard Dean how to to hack into Diebold’s central election tabulator and alter a simulated vote count.)

Although the video is 30 minutes long, it’s worth watching. Going into the election tomorrow, is is critical to bring more education, vigilance and oversight to this potential source of electoral abuse. Bev Harris’ website is Another good site — which provides tips for voters to detect and report voting system irregularities — is

Streaming version of Votergate: high bandwidth; Low bandwidth

Votergate website here.

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