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November 1, 2004

Setting Out the Pumpkins


Of course, the Kerry hunting trip was something of a farce. But it was political farce. And, as silly as it was, at the political ground level, it probably helped balance out an image of Kerry that had been overly distorted in the other direction.

Who would understand this better, in fact, then the people who turned George Bush into Top Gun?


On the other hand, the suddenly appearance of McClellan, Hughes and Rove in hunting suits (Rove looking like an oversized beaver) gives an entirely different impression. I’m sorry, but this is just not something you write off to Holloween.

As masters of spin, this crew have done a profound job not just scripting every last camera shot, but also keeping their own fingerprints off the product. The fact they would suddenly hop off the campaign plane, in costumes, in such a bland act of mockery, just doesn’t make sense. (Just look at the embarrassment on McClellan’s face.) Six months ago, they would never have considered it. Three months ago, same thing.

They’re losing it.


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