January 4, 2005

"Family Matters In A Lot Of Places"


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Before concluding the White House has completely succumbed to altruism, consider all the fabulous new material Rove now has to work with.  It looks like one part of the agenda might involve the advance of the Bush dynasty.  Although Governor Bush has said he wasn’t considering the top job, the Asian crisis provides the perfect backdrop to showcase the non-candidate.  Certainly, Tuesday’s front page story in the NYTimes provided ample assistance. 

More than halfway through the article, you come upon this:

For Jeb Bush, 51, who is a possible contender for the presidency in 2008 or later, the trip is a first major turn on the international stage. The governor, who oversaw Florida’s response to four hurricanes in August and September, suggested that his presence on the trip, as not only an American official but also as the president’s brother, would send a powerful message of sympathy.

“I think family matters in a lot of places, just as it does in the United States,” the governor said. He recalled in 1988 being asked by his father, then the president-elect, to travel to Armenia after an earthquake there cost more than 25,000 lives.

“We went, and it made a big difference that a family member would go – this was on Christmas Eve – go to a far-off place,” Mr. Bush said.

(…Somehow, I only counted three references to the word “president.”)

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