January 21, 2005

The Larger Picture

I’ll be back Sunday or Monday.

In the meantime, I’m still catching up on shots from the inauguration, and thought I might put something together on the (mostly overlooked) protests.  I’m also following the Iraqi election.  I’ve been looking at campaign posters (as well as wanted posters) for a couple weeks now, but nothing there has really jumping out at me.  There are a few curious things shaping up in the newswire images, though, now that the voting is a week away.

I also had a couple things on my mind:

I hope that the Laura Bush piece wasn’t too jarring (looking at word pictures rather than the traditional kind).

I wanted to thank all of you who have written me with appreciation, comments, suggested images and even grammatical corrections.  The support makes all the difference when I’m up way too late (more often the case, than not), and I suddenly remember an image that I have to use, but  I can’t quite remember where, out of any number of sites, folders and galleries, I saw it last.

I wanted to express appreciation for two “regulars” who seem on their way to creating an “in house” version of “Point-Counterpoint” (if you ever saw that show).  As true blog warriors, AOG and Jr couldn’t do more justice to the act of provocation. 

Finally, I welcome everyone entering the BAG for the first time.  Since the election, about 500 people have become regular visitors.  Of that number, around 300 of you have been here over 25 times. 

If you find this site compelling, it’s because images continue to play an ever more influential role in our lives.  As these images grow increasingly more complex, seductive, commercialized and manipulated, it’s exciting to begin waking (or, should I say, standing) up to their effect.  I hope you will share this effort with me.  There’s always more room in the BAG.

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