February 18, 2005

Laura's New Curtains


In Michael Kimmelman’s front page NYT review of “The Gates,” he talks about the operating philosophy of Olmsted and Christo.  Specifically, he mentions Olmsted’s idea of Central Park as a place of “dignity for the masses,” and Christo’s utopian vision of “art for Everyman.”

With this spirit clearly in the air, it’s depressing that Laura Bush would choose “The Gates” for a personal photo op.

Over the past few weeks, the first lady has been engaged in an all out pursuit of vanity, fancying herself an arbiter of culture and taste.  Having fired the White House chef, she has declared her mission to party (link).  Also, she can’t seem to get a big enough bite out of the (Big) Apple.  She hit Seventh Avenue for her inauguration wardrobe.  She was a front row fixture at Fashion Week.  And this week, it was accessorizing to Christo and Jean-Claude’s saffron.


Drunk on victory, and this “mandate” they can’t stop talking about, I think Mrs. Bush really can’t help herself (or, can’t stop helping herself). 

(image: Vincent Laforet/The New York Times)

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