February 28, 2005

Your Turn: "What Dean Means"


Here’s the photo that accompanied Matt Bai’s piece in last Sunday’s NYT Magazine (“What Dean Means”link) on the new chairman of the Democratic party.

With profile pieces, the tendency is to “read” the image in terms of the article. 

In the profile, Bai sketches a more important and ennobled Dean, one who could actually be effective in sparsely populated states and counties.  He suggests that Dean might function as more of a centrist, but concludes that Dean might also turn out be that guy who excoriates his rivals — which might be just what the party needs.

Do you see all that in the image?  Beyond the sparsely populated setting, I guess you could say the photo picks up the “centrist” point, as well as Dean’s new importance.

I think there’s a lot more going on in this shot, however, and I’d be happy if you would lend your analysis.  Loyal BAG followers, don’t hold back.

(image: David Burnett/Contact Press Images in NYT Magazine)

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