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April 8, 2005

An Image To Take Away


A number of you have written me about the photos of the Bush delegation at Pope-side.  The main issue involves which figures the media has elected to include or crop out, with the possible combinations consisting of: W and Laura; W, Laura and Poppy;  W, Laura, Poppy and Bill; and W, Laura, Poppy, Bill, Condi and Andy.

Of course, there has also been a bit of political buzz over how one significant figure may have been cropped out not by the media, but by the administration.

Isn’t it interesting how, every time there’s an event that brings nearly the whole world together, the one major figure who can’t quite get it together is “W”?

(image: AP Photo/File –Oct. 6, 1979)

(referral: Jillian)

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