April 9, 2005

In the Meantime

I will be off for a few days, and will return by Wednesday.  (While away, I have some really interesting shots I’ll be trying to crack open for you.)

In the meantime, whether you’ve just fallen into the BAG or have been comfortably inside for some time, I would be interested in any reflections you have as to how I could improve or expand the site.  Any feedback/critique about the structure or content of BnN is welcome, as well as anything else you might like me to add or take on.

Again, thanks to the growing legion of BAG readers and “co-analysts.”  The quality of comments and reactions you have generated continues to educate, surprise and motivate me to raise my commentary and offer you more.  Besides generating political solidarity, I view the BAG as an opportunity for all of us — collectively — to deepen our visual awareness and sophistication.  As well as have a little fun.

(By the way, I’ve temporarily increased the number of posts viewable on this home page for the sake of a “broader menu” of conversation.)

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Michael Shaw
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