April 1, 2005

The Royal Mice


It’s Friday again.  Meaning, it’s my opportunity to distribute some news image processing to the powerful, yet highly decentralized network of BAG analysts.

As is becoming a custom, we have another suggestive cover of The Economic to decrypt.  (I would have said “debug,” but the last issue you teased apart — collectively referred to as “The Spy Flies” — better applies that metaphor.)

With the current example, I think it’s more interesting to tackle the cover without any context.  At the same time, I offer you some questions:

First, and obviously, why the dual gender reference? 


Are the hands identifiable by gender?  If so, is there some kind of hierarchy to the arrangement?  And, does race or class play a factor?

Does the fact the far left hand is cocked have any significance?

Do you pick up any other associations besides hands?

Why (besides the fact it was simpler or cheaper to photograph) is there just one brand of mouse? 


What about those cords?

What’s the deal with the monochrome?  (And the background colors?  And the gradient?  And where and how the gradient breaks?)

Why such a bold headline?  (It seems like a real departure from their usual.)

What else am I missing?

…And, what’s all this power we’re supposed to finally have now?

(image: The Economist) 

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