April 21, 2005

Your Turn: War as Child's Play


Hearing about the disputed mass hostage taking and killings in Madaen, as well as the massacre of Iraqi troops at the soccer stadium near Hadith…

…You know, I was quick on the hunt for an image. 

Finding the documentation scarce, however, I decided — finally — to check back with Mosul.  Being one of those people who either double or halve when asked to recall lengths of time, I can’t tell you how long it’s been.  Even if it had been just a couple of months, however, I was surprised to find that the combat units had rotated — and even the photographers were new.

In any case, going through the material, I was stopped still in my tracks by this. 

(Because there are a lot of new visitors to the BAG this week, it might be worthwhile to say a quick word about “Your Turn.”  As the BAG has grown, more of you have literally picked up the thread and are now doing the analysis with me through your comments.  As a result, as much as I’m looking for material to discuss myself, I’m looking for visuals to submit for our mutual interpretation, or –as now — that I can put in your trusting hands. 

One thing, though.  Please don’t reproach me if I call this a loaded image.  I confess, I’m strongly drawn to take the edge off because of how terrible, and terribly uncomfortable it makes me feel.

(Here is the caption:  Mosul schoolyard : A US Army soldier from the 1-5 Infantry watches an Iraqi girl playing with a plastic handgun in a schoolyard in the town of Mosul. Click here for image in separate window)

(image: Cris Bouroncle/AFP in YahooNews)

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