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May 19, 2005

Man on the Beam


Here’s the shot the NYT ran of Bill Frist on the opening day of the filibuster showdown.  As usual, I have questions:

Is this an image of biblical proportions? 

Has the religious right acquired so much influence that it’s impossible to view a photo like this without drawing a devotional connection? 

Is this battle Frist’s crucible? 

Was this shot staged?

What is Frist’s assistant doing?

Is anybody in the next room?

Did the NYT photographer intend this shot to be ironic?

In the article, how would you compare this photo with the one of Harry Reid on the steps of the Capitol?  Who comes off better?

What’s with the space heater?  Does it project the devil’s light?

(image: Doug Mills/The New York Times.  May 19, 2005 in

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