June 24, 2005

Certain Results


So, was the choice between Ahmadinejad and Ahmadinejad, or did he win it outright?

I can’t help thinking how the political turn of events in Iran basically mirror the same circumstances here.  (Maybe its even a counter-reaction.)  Hard-line conservatives with a fundamentalist agenda gain control of the executive and the legislative branches.  The new leader is a relative unknown whose elective experience is limited. That leader is amiable and gains wide-spread popularity by identifying himself as a man of the people.  Still, he has almost no knowledge of the world beyond his own country.  And while others might maintains some distance between God. faith and the political realm, this man brashly seeks to draw them together in all forms of policy.

Whether we’re talking about fundamentalism here or there, it tends to show the same face.  I’m referring to the one that shows no reflection and demonstrates no doubts.  Change a few details, and this woman at the lower left could be Condi Rice.  (Click here to see the shot of Ms. Rice that strangely led the Yahoo News photo section immediately after I finished the last sentence.)

Oh, and the kid?  He’s got that Dick Cheney look to him.  (“The insurgency is in its last throes, I tell you.  It’s last throes!”)

(image 1: Atta Kenare/AFP. June 23, 2005.  Yahoo News. image 2: Gerard Cerles/AFP.  Jun 24, 2005.  Yahoo News.)

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