July 3, 2005

Independence Day Special: Howard's Rein


In honor of Independence Day (and a more relaxed summer mode), the BAG focuses on an illustration capturing one of today’s most powerful political struggles for liberty.  If you thought freedom of expression was a right you could take for granted in this country, well, you’re not the chairperson of the Democrat party.

Few issues have created more kicking among liberals than the function of Howard Dean, and the insinuation that he should watch what he says.  (From the position of the progressive Blogosphere, there is the sense that timidity and reticence is what has landed the Dems in the position they find themselves today.) 

With all the highly intuitive folks hanging around the BAG these days, I thought I would toss you still one more image to try and harness.  At the same time, it’s a graphic that begs for clarity regarding Howard Dean’s role, as well as the most effective strategy for saddling the conservatives. 

Of course, I realize we’re smack in the middle of a holiday weekend.  That said, who would be the wiser if you slipped away from the bar-b-cue for a few minutes to check the discussion, and contribute one more insight to the virtual party.

From Gagging Dr. Dean: Minneapolis/St. Paul City Pages Cover Story. Volume 26 – Issue 1281.  June 22, 2005.  Via: Cursor.org.

(illustration: Jay Bevenour)

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