August 10, 2005

Turn Off at the High Road

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On first pass, you’d assume that this was the visual high point for Team Bush in the Cindy Sheehan standoff.  If you didn’t know better, you might even think that Bush men Stephen Hadley (on the ground), Joseph Hagin (in the chair) and Cindy (center) were good friends camping together in the dog days of summer.  (That — as I said — is on first pass.)

In my post yesterday, I mentioned the sense of rectitude that can come from the view at ground level.  Certainly, Hadley was doing his best to telegraph some humility by parking himself on the road, on his behind, and at a lower position than Cindy.  Ironically however, he still ended up on higher ground because of the slope of the road. (As an association, could we say that it’s near impossible for this Administration to lower itself even in the incredibly rare instance it intends to?)

I also can’t help drawing inferences from Hagin’s expression and the body language of both men.  (BTW, is there some White House policy that states that a percentage of Administration staff is supposed to resemble Dick Cheney?)  Overall, if a PR person could have taken Joe aside, he probably would have been advised to a) get rid of the scowl, b)unclasp his hands, and for God’s sakes c) put that knee down.  In contrast, you’ll notice, Cindy’s not hunched, crossed or closed up like these two posers.

Of course, if these guy’s were real men, they would have sent out Laura.

(If you haven’t had a chance to see and hear the impressive Mrs. Sheehan, check out this interview she gave CNN’s Wolf Blitzer at Crooks and Liars.)

(image: Deborah Mathews.  August 6, 2005.  Crawford, Texas.  At

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