August 19, 2005

When George Met Cindy



The wingnuts are convinced Cindy Sheehan would be out-of-business if they could only get their hands on the full-sized versions of these photos.  Apparently, they were taken during Bush and Cindy’s original meeting, including the one showing Bush giving Cindy a peck.

(Here’s a blown-up view of the deed-in-question — if you can stand it.)

According to the Free Republic (now there’s a link you don’t see everyday on the BAG), the images had been on a site called Casey’s Peace Page but were subsequently removed. 

At first, I assumed the circulation of these images wouldn’t make much difference.  Sheehan said Bush was glib and impersonal during the meeting, and we already know he’s as avid a kisser as he is a prevaricator — especially when there are cameras around.

But then, I started to consider the power of an image; the strength (and cunning) of the right wing PR machine; and the lemming-like gullibility of a big chunk of the electorate (as well, of course, as the fact Saddam and Osama used to be roommates, and the quote–insurgency–unquote is in its last throes)….

Finally it was clear (if not already obvious to everyone else) that Cindy’s otherwise inspiring mission is not strong enough to do more than amplify mostly left-wing anti-war sentiment (and possibly provide stimulus for more broad-based questioning). 

Which ultimately means that what is needed (which has always been needed) are actual politicians to stop that man before he kisses again.  (Considering the soft peddlers that pass for Democrats, however, those finally doing the smacking down — election tactics heavily contributing — will probably be Republicans.)

(BTW, I’ve been analyzing Drudge’s visual coverage of Cindy over at The Agonist.  You can see the latest piece here.)

(image capture: freeper hipaatwo)

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