August 1, 2005

Your Turn: This Kingdom Is My Kingdom


Last month, the Christian Broadcasting Network took up the cause of a U.S. Christian flag.

The proposed design was created by Marcia Thompson Eldreth of Cecil County, Md., and was inspired by a sermon she heard in church.  It is intended to replace the international Christian flag (which Ms. Eldreth describes as “crisp and dignified, but politely cold”).  This version is supposed to be flown alongside the stars and stripes.

Christian flag website.

For background and clarification, here is the artist’s explanation of the elements:

The eagle carrying the cross represents the American Christian taking the gospel around the world declaring Christ’s shed blood for the people.

The Purple represents His royalty, the White represents His purity, the Red represents His shed blood, and the Blue represents His bruises.

The 50 stars that create the border of the flag represent all the Christians of the United States banding together to protect our right to preach the gospel and to protect our Christian heritage.

The Scriptures are Matthew 24:4 “take heed no man deceive you” and Matthew 24:14 “and this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world ……and then shall the end come”.

I am interested in your analysis (especially since I’ve left on vacation by now.  See below).

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