September 16, 2005

Bush's N.O. Restart — A Visual Report Card

(Bloggers Note:  Before anybody gets crazy on me, I’m just having a little fun here.  It’s Friday. …And, consider the material I have to work with!)


I’ve been throwing so much analysis at you this week, I thought it was time for the visuals to do more of the talking.  (Of course, if you have different ideas about the grading, you know I’ve always considered the BAG a communal effort.)

Unless you left the planet, you know that last night marked the official restart of the Bush/Rove “I’ve Got It Right This Time” New Orleans Recovery Campaign.  And how about that backdrop for Dubya’s speech!  You’ve gotta love the pastels, the green/blue combination, that outdoor lighting (someone’s got the power back on) — and who ever thought about accessorizing with a building.  Calling Robin Givhan!

I don’t know Jackson Square so I can’t comment on the symbolic significance of the statue, but hey, do you think the White House knows either? Overall, I was going to give it an “A.”  But that was before I heard from Aron, one of my readers, who pointed out that the clock stayed stuck at 6:40 during Bush’s entire infomercial.  Someone find out who got the no-bid contract for the time piece!


Here’s Bush getting off the plane.  Love that Presidential seal.  Somehow, it works better here than it did on Bush’s jacket during his fly-over a couple weeks back.  Finally, a guy ready for the hard work!


And this you’ve got to love.  It’s the political version of make-up sex with Democratic Governor Blanco.  After seeing such an intense example of bipartisanship, I guess the only question is: when does he add her to the rolodex?

(image 1: Videoclip. Bush: ‘Great City Will Rise Again.’  September 16, 2005.  image 2: REUTERS/Larry Downing.  Mississippi, September 15, 2005. At YahooNews. image 3:  REUTERS/Larry Downing.  USS Iwo Jima. September 15, 2005. At YahooNews.)

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