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October 9, 2005

Breaking News/Pakistan Earthquake


I was struck by the face of this man looking back at this destruction.  Just before calling it a night (or morning), I found out about the tremendous earthquake in South Asia.  I anticipate much quiet speculation about what these times must have in store for us, and how we must surely occupy a more tenuous relationship with nature than ever before.  I doubt these times are any more extraordinary — save for the virtue that we happen to be living in them. 

More specifically, it is interesting how this image focuses not on the disaster itself, but on the reaction to it.  With the amount of devastation staring us in the face these days, it is no wonder the responders — and, particularly, our leaders — are on the spot.

(revised: 10/9/05 9am PST)

(image: Rahat Dar/European Pressphoto Agency. Lahore, Pakistan.  October 9, 2005.

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