October 31, 2005

Samuel, Bill and Rosa



Reviewing the Alito launch, the most interesting pics seemed to involve the judge’s family.

Given that both of these photos featured Democratic icons, you have to wonder if there was specific intention to infuse the nomination with populist symbolism.  Especially in the latter shot, the choice to hold the ceremony in the White House’s Cross Hall, and to position the family in front of Clinton, couldn’t have been completely accidental, could it?

One might ask the same question about the family portrait with the coffin of Rosa Parks.  Of course, the nomination and Parks’ resting in state in the Capitol rotunda were completely random events.  However, once Bush/Rove set the Monday morning surprise, (hoping, of course, to get last week’s scent of Harriet, PlameGate and military fatalities out of the air), Rosa’s availability might have seemed opportune.

Overall, the liberal ‘sphere has been filled with hope, rumor and conjecture regarding Rove’s demise.  Maybe it’s coming, but I think he made a strong showing today, using one stroke to take some wind out of the vultures circling the White House.

(image: Larry Downing/Reuters.  Capitol Rotunda, Washington. October 31, 2005. Via YahooNews.  image 2: Mannie Garcia/Reuters. October 31, 2005. White House. Via YahooNews.)

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