October 13, 2005

The BAG Opens Its Frist Investigation


Since I began analyzing news images, one thing I’ve been interested in is the ability to do investigative work primarily through visual analysis.  For lack of a better term (at least, at this point) you might call it: “forensic photojournalistic research.”

A current target I have in mind for this kind of inquiry is Bill Frist.  In my mind, he (like Bush) is one of those figures who somehow made the “A” team out of nowhere; has some backing of the right-wing “machine”;  and could be destined for bigger things.  At the same time — especially because he’s in some hot water right now — his personality and background are just rife ripe for examination.

I’ll tell you one thing (and yes, I’m speaking professionally): This is a very weird guy.  Because I’m still digging around, I’m keeping the powder dry.  But I will start you off with this.  Frist has a very odd way of relating to people.  He’s schooled at social protocol, but otherwise, he’s like a robot.  And, even compared to the typical big-ego politician, he is “off the charts” on the narcissism scale.

Take this image above as my first evidentiary submittal.  Here is Frist on his first day as Senate Majority leader, moving in to his new office.  As I investigate and fashion an understanding of Frist through pictures (hopefully, also shedding light on his alleged insider trading), I expect we will see all kinds of complications from someone who’s primary pastime is staring in the mirror.

(image: Susan Walsh/A.P. Washington.  January 7, 2003.  Via YahooNews.)

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