November 22, 2005

Cheney Latest Marks


Others can hash out why and how it happened.  For The BAG’s purposes, however, the fact a technical glitch at CNN superimposed several almost subliminal “X” marks over Dick Cheney during his speech to the American Enterprise Institute makes for an evocative image.

The perfection of the visual is that it graphically symbolizes what happens now every time Cheney speaks about the Administration’s role in preparing for war.  In other words, a perceptual canceling effect occurs at some point in between the time the words leave Cheney’s mouth and they arrive at the viewer’s ear.

The interaction of the symbol with the screen titling is also interesting.  Do you remember that fad (possibly popularized by Saturday Night Live) where a person would make a declarative statement, then pause and exclaim the word “NOT!” after it.  On the screen, according to convention, the text summarizes that part of his speech where Cheney duplicitously asserts that the Administration respects the right to criticize.  The “X” simply removes the bitter taste of calling him a liar.

Finally, consider the metaphorical richness of applying an “X”.  For example, you can vote “no” with an “X.”  The “X” can designate a defective product beneath it.  And then, there is always the “X”-rating — implying that the acts Cheney has perpetrated on the country have been obscene.

(image: Drudge Report. November 22, 2005)

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