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Bush Focus Photo December 12, 2005

Does Bubble Boy Float?

link based on a finer eye developed here with help of astute readership, think this is wrong carter in '73 maybe, but eyes closed or big smile.  SMUG inside the bubble, and oblivious to the fact there even is one....

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How The Lincoln Group Likes To Shades Things

for convenience, I collected 12 of these pictures and posted them at my homepage: ok, here are a few thoughts - - the pictures are all clearly modified, the technique of choice seems to be tinting....  Some seem just odd (like the chopsticks for sale) while others are...

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Uncategorized Photo December 11, 2005

Iraqi Poster Wars: Horse Of A Different Color

NYT poster/campaign piece Politics, Iraqi Style: Slick TV Ads, Text Messaging and Gunfire - New York Times Al-Ahram money spent on election U.S. war plans relative to Ramadi Al-Ahram Weekly | Region | Ghost in the machine In previous post, discussed potential U.S. funding of the Allawi campaign.... ...

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Culture Focus Photo December 9, 2005

The "Brokeback Effect"

In large segments of American society, especially in sports and the military, those doors remain sealed....  Another recent film, "Jarhead" (in which Mr. Gyllenhaal plays a marine), suggests how any kind of male behavior perceived as soft and feminine within certain closed male environments triggers abuse and violence and...

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo December 8, 2005

Getting It Backwards

As one of any number of generic photos tossed into the newspaper to depict the ongoing diligent training of Iraqi forces (this one published on the eve of Bush's recent speech), it's as factually illegible and abstract as the effort itself....  Besides chronicling the history of U.S. ineptitude over...

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Iraq Poster Wars: A Peeling Candidate

Buried deep in Wednesday's article of the bombing of a Baghdad police academy, the NYT reported that Allawi unwittingly made the visit on the anniversary of the death of al-Sadr's father who was killed by Saddam Hussein in 1999....  ------ The attack came after a crowd of young men,...

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo December 7, 2005

The Victory Plan Revealed: …Bombs Away

The military authorities in Baghdad and Washington do not provide the press with a daily accounting of missions that Air Force, Navy, and Marine units fly or of the tonnage they drop, as was routinely done during the Vietnam War.... In the battle for the city, more than...

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Uncategorized Photo December 6, 2005

Iraqi Poster Wars: Something Of A Windsock

windsock Ads for onetime Pentagon protege Ahmad Chalabi say, "We liberated Iraq and we will build it together." Chalabi Poster An Iraqi street vendor passes by a campaign poster for the Iraqi National Council list with a picture of Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Chalabi, who is head...

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Iraqi Poster Wars: No Longer Just A Metaphor

I since read that at least two workers hanging posters for Allawi's Iraqi National Coalition had been slain, one in Basra and the other in Amara.... According to the Reuters caption, gunmen attacked a car in Mosul on November 29th killing two members of the Assyrian Movement as...

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Iraq Parliamentary Elections: Allawi Gets The Boot

United Iraqi Alliance tacit backing of Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani For the 15 December elections the UIA includes: The Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI), the Da’wa Party (2 branches), the Sadr movement, the Centrists, the Badr Organization, Hizbullah, 2 (Shi’ite) Turkmen groups, and smaller parties.......

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Bush Focus Photo December 5, 2005

Your Turn (With Gratitude)

effigy metulla In front of the Israeli settlement of Metulla, seen in the background, Lebanese members of the Hezbollah guerilla group install an effigy representing U.S. President George W....  Bush they arrive for the Army-Navy football game Saturday, Dec. 3, 2005, in Philadelphia.

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Iraqi Poster Wars: U.S. Behind The Allawi Banner?

Hersh US behind Allawi?  Contrast his materials with logo of the collective...

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BAGannouncements Photo December 4, 2005

Coming Up

For the next two weeks, I will be focusing heavily on the upcoming Iraqi vote. With electioneering and campaign posters receiving a considerable amount of media coverage, BNN will examine how the visual campaign coverage offers insight into the character and tactics of the major alliances, as well...

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Campaign '08 Photo December 3, 2005

Icon Watch: Bronze Star

Senator Edward Kennedy (D-MA) (R) and Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) sit next to a statue of Robert F.... REUTERS/Jim Young hands Senator Edward Kennedy (D-MA) (L) and Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) listen to remarks during a cermony for the Robert F.

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Culture Focus Photo December 2, 2005

War Is H(Sw)ell

The reporter discovered the slick DVD (called "Stand Ready: Being a Soldier in the Army Reserve") in an ad on the MTV website.... With war having become America's primary export, it's no wonder it continues to achieve greater levels of glamour and production value.

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Bush Focus Photo December 1, 2005

"Victory Plan" Theatre

Trying to counter critics of his war strategy, Bush vowed on Wednesday that U.S. forces will not cut and run from Iraq but said improvements in Iraqi security forces may clear the way for a reduction in U.S. troops....  Trying to counter critics of his war strategy, Bush vowed...

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