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Media Focus Photo December 31, 2005

Partying Like It's 2005

On this weekend of blurry consumption In George Bush, we are fed an image of America and Americans that his completely contradictory to his and the nation's actual behavior.  In the self-perception, he/we are tall and strong, fit in body and mind, always prepared for hard work, and yet,...

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Media Focus Photo December 30, 2005

Where Credit Is Due

Gregory Heisler CHRISTOPHER MORRIS PATRICK HERTZOG GIANNI GIANSANTI ART STREIBER WILLIAM MERCER MCLEOD David Burnett Jonas Karlsson Luke Frazza Stephen Jaffe Tim Fadek Manuel Balce Ceneta (2) Hyunsoo Leo Kim Joshua Roberts Hadi Mizban (3) Ali Jerikji Ali Jasim Alan Chin (8) Ali al-Saadi Bassim Daham Michael Elins Karim...

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Media Focus Photo December 28, 2005

Your Turn: The Unforgettable People I've Shot And Been Shot With

been exposed to this ad numerous times in recent days, and b.)...  That changed, however, when I saw this full page ad on the back of Wednesday's NYT special section: 2005 THE YEAR IN PICTURES.  (Curiously, the feature ran in the print edition only.)  Katrina 10 Iraq 10 Pope...

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Uncategorized Photo December 27, 2005

Pro-War Picture Of The Year

Important, everytime we look at a news image, however, to see it in context, and this photo has a little bit of q backstory....  Unlike most other war photos, we have his narrative/explanation as to how he got the shot....  Also, given the open political leanings of the photographer,...

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Media Focus Photo December 26, 2005

Persons of the Year: The Dark Side The Good Samaritans -- Jan. 02, 2006 -- Page 1 ABC News: Why 'integrity' was such a sought-after word this year pretty grey Africa -- has no definition....  Like cross-cultural issues and lack of understanding between Western and Eastern values....  Media treat people as so stupid, deprives us...

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BAGannouncements Photo December 22, 2005

A Big Your Turn: More "People That Mattered"

Because it's not easy keeping up the pace I do as a "one man show," I have come to rely on a truly incredible community of readers to send me material, lend breadth and insight to the images I offer, and essentially take over the analysis on various "Your...

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Your Turn: Reid and McCain Brave The Wilds

(image: CHRISTOPHER MORRIS / VII FOR TIME.  December 18, 2005.  People Who Mattered.

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Your Turn: Popes Then And Now

(image 1: PATRICK HERTZOG / AFP / GETTY December 18, 2005.  People Who Mattered....  (image 2: GIANNI GIANSANTI / POLARIS....  People Who Mattered.

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Your Turn: Jobs Vs. The Google Boys

(image 1: ART STREIBER FOR TIME....  People Who Mattered....  (image 2: WILLIAM MERCER MCLEOD FOR TIME....  People Who Mattered.

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Culture Focus Photo December 21, 2005

Plame Noir

I took some heat for my visual critique of the Mata Hari Vanity Fair shot in front of the White House.  I thought it was too heavy handed and, from a PR standpoint, probably gave back (rich folks, taking advantage more than being hurt) more than it gained....  Now,...

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Bush Focus Photo

Hung By The Captions

Offering file images of past speeches, AFP came up with at least two Bush appearances where he allegedly stated that he was obtaining FISA permission for all surveillance activities....  From the Hershey caption, Bush is cited as saying (in his mangled English, apparently): 'If you got a wiretap by...

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo December 19, 2005

George and Ted and Dick and Karl

Bush Just Plain Nuts No More Apples -- Suggests that Rove draws parallel to Roosevelt in terms of remaking the New Deal with a permanent Republican majority. Used the room to nominate Bernard Kerik as as Homeland Security head.  Hours earlier, Mr. Bush ushered Mr. Kerik into the...

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo December 17, 2005

Vehicle For Removal

In this case, reporter Louis Hansen and photographer Hyunsoo Leo Kim of the Virginian-Pilot in Norfolk had their privileges pulled for photographing a damaged vehicle at Camp Arifjan in Kuwait....  Ironically, the two journalists were given specific access to the location of the vehicle by military escorts.  Officers of...

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Media Focus Photo

Foul Trouble

According to Newsday, Robert Novak assumed he was speaking off the record this week when he stated, during a speech to the John Locke Foundation in Raleigh, that Bush knows who blew Valerie Plame's cover.... As Novak turns in his CNN washroom key and heads over to FOX,...

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo December 16, 2005

Cracking The Veil

An angry mob set fire to the offices of former prime minister Iyad Allawi and his communist allies in Nasiriyah, on the eve of Iraq's defining general election.(AFP/Ahmad Al Rubaye) protest sistani Iraqi Shiite demonstrators gather by an election campaign poster for Shiite list United Iraqi Alliance, seen left...

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Pitching Koufax (…and technical difficulties)

I'm not urging particular endorsements, but it sure would be nice to see photojournalist and BnN contributer Alan Chin's New Orleans portraits (Katrina Aftermath: And Then I Saw These - link) honored under best post....  ) The categories include: best blog/best writing/best post/best series/best single issue blog/best commenter/best group...

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Culture Focus Photo December 14, 2005

Tookie's Celebrity

Admittedly, I didn't follow the Tookie Williams story very closely.  However, I got an email today from Mark Spittle, who is customarily a satirist and who's new blog has been advertised on The BAG.

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Photo December 13, 2005

Iraqi Poster Wars: Chalabi's Crude Strategy

Deputy Prime Ministers Ahmed Chalabi, Abed Multluq-Al-Jibouri went on a daylong inspection tour of military bases and oil pipelines and installations in the Kirkuk area.... Deputy Prime Ministers Ahmed Chalabi, Abed Multluq-Al-Jibouri, Minister of oil Ibrahim Bahr-Ul-Ulloum, Chief of the Iraqi Army General Staff, General Babkar Zebari, went...

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