December 28, 2005

Your Turn: The Unforgettable People I've Shot And Been Shot With


This morning, I realized that I had a.) been exposed to this ad numerous times in recent days, and b.) somehow successfully managed to keep it out of my consciousness.

That changed, however, when I saw this full page ad on the back of Wednesday’s NYT special section: 2005 THE YEAR IN PICTURES.  (Curiously, the feature ran in the print edition only.)

To stick with the NYT feature for a moment, a compelling interest in the relative weighting of one event versus another led me to total up the number of photos by story.  Of the 40 images, here’s the breakdown. (Because The BAG wrote up five of these images over the year, I have also slipped in the BnN link):

Katrina 10; Iraq 10 (link 1 & 2); Pope John Paul death 2; London bombing 1; Niger Famine 1; India Earthquake 1; Tsunami 2; Gaza pullout 1; Rehnquist death 1; Rosa Parks death 1; John Roberts 1; Rove 1; Miers 1; Alito 1; Bush (Inaugural) 1; Transit strike 1; Christo gates 1; Wrestling 1; Yankees 1; NY Giants 1.

But, getting back to the kneeling, shooting, smiling, narrating Mr. Cooper….

I anticipate some of you might feel this message isn’t worth the time.  I thought it was particularly rich, though — especially in light of the number of “anniversary” features this past week on “The Tsunami.”  Once this ad got my attention, I think I was mostly drawn in by how thoroughly it managed to pack the metaphors.

I leave this in your able hands.

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