December 16, 2005

Pitching Koufax (…and technical difficulties)

Nominations are now open for the Koufax (Nomination page, with rules — now closed.  Current nomination page.)

In its fourth year, Wampum sponsors one of the more well known awards in the lefty blogosphere.  I’m not urging particular endorsements, but it sure would be nice to see photojournalist and BnN contributer Alan Chin’s New Orleans portraits (Katrina Aftermath: And Then I Saw Theselink) honored under best post.  (It’s also featured in my left column under “Recent Best.” )

The categories include: best blog/best writing/best post/best series/best single issue blog/best commenter/best group blog/most humorous blog/most humorous post/best expert blog/best new blog/most deserving of wider recognition.

By the way, If you were on the site today and it seemed like it was December 11th again, it wasn’t you.  My host service, Typepad, had an 18 hour system failure.  I can’t guarantee that access is 100% and some data from the past week (including about 4 days of images) are still floating around somewhere.  (…And what’s The BAG without pix?)

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