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Media Focus Photo January 17, 2006

Women In The Starring Role

The NYT ran an only slightly more cropped version of this Reuters shot this morning on page A3.  It shows Chilean president-elect Michelle Bachelet at her first major news conference following the victory.  As a long time activist, mother and self-avowed spirit of the '60's, Chilean president-elect Michelle Bachelet...

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Race Focus Photo January 16, 2006


(click image for full White House size) I love the audacity I love the ABC headline: Bush Says King's 'Dream' Not Yet Completed I love the presence of that third icon, the Stars and Stripes I love the emotion in Bush's eyes I love the look toward (Martin in?) ...

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Uncategorized Photo January 15, 2006

Palestinian Poster Wars: Face Time

Still, in taking a first look at the poster wars concerning the holding two posters Palestinian Fatah activists hold posters of the late Yasser arafat during an election campaign rally in the West Bank city of Nablus Thursday Jan. 5, 2006.  Palestinians followed reports on Israeli Prime Minsiter Ariel...

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Going Back Into Analysis

This is an excerpt (and notice it's in the past tense): The one reason I loved your site, the detailed analysis of photographs, seems to have dissipated in recent months....  The first few times I saw your work, I was astonished at how much we can read into photographs,...

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Uncategorized Photo January 14, 2006

Alito Wrap-Up: Dems Get Schooled In Girl Power

bloviators But Enough About You, Judge; Let's Hear What I Have to Say kennedy, leahy, biden Doug Mills/The New York Times wife montage Wife of U.S. Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito, Martha-Ann Bomgardner, is pictured in this combination picture reacting to comments by U.S. senators on the fourth...

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Uncategorized Photo January 13, 2006

Your Turn: Stage Left

(image: Doug Mills/The New York Times.  January 10th, 2005.  Washington.

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Bush Focus Photo

Throw Me Something, Mister!

confederate flag U.S. President George W.  Bush speaks on Gulf Coast reconstruction while visiting the region at St.  Stanislaus College in Bay St....  Bush is touring the Gulf Coast region to witness efforts to rebuild the region after Hurricane Katrina destroyed many parts of the area last year.

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Photo January 11, 2006

Alito Watch: Day Three Visual Round Up

Meek, mild and menacing Samuel Alito's Willy Loman facade conceals seething resentments -- and a dangerous belief in unbridled presidential power.  By Sidney Blumenthal Unquestionably, Judge Samuel Alito's self-professed "strong" belief in executive power was one of his greatest if not paramount credentials for Bush's nomination of him...

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Faith Focus Photo

Alito Watch: Consecrating the Room

Patrick Mahoney, left, director of the Christian Defense Coalition, both anti-abortion activists in Washington, kneel in prayer as they perform a consecration ceremony by anointing the doors to the hearing room in the Hart Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill, Thursday, Jan. 5, 2006, in Washington.  The hearing room...

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Disaster Focus Photo January 10, 2006

Air Conditioned Drive Through Category Five

us line debuts tour of stricken New Orleans Rev.  Judith Kelsey-Powell, left, photographs storm damage as her husband, Rev.  Keith, from Chicago, watches during a tour flood ravaged New Orleans, La., Wednesday Jan. 4, 2006.  The couple were among the passengers on the first Hurricane Katrina bus tour...

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Uncategorized Photo January 9, 2006

Red Swarm

with wife Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito (R) reaches out to his wife Martha at his Senate confirmation hearing on Capitol Hill, January 9, 2006....  Bush (R) and US Supreme Court Nominee Samuel Alito walk in the Colonnade of the White House West Wing following a breakfast meeting at...

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Originals Photo January 8, 2006

Every Child You Meet Is Named Muktada

They name their neighbourhood after the father of Muktada al-Sadr, the young rebel cleric at the head of the Mahdi Army, one of uncountable restive rebel groups in the country....  But most important is the projection that the Americans are not indestructible and that they are not in control...

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International Focus Photo January 6, 2006

The Presence Of Absence

If you have a penchant for political photographs, there are a whole class of emotions and attributes that rarely make You find quite a range of emotional attributes in following political photos, day is poignancy.  mortality Following news photo day in and day out, you can sometimes wish these...

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Bush Focus Photo January 5, 2006

Bush's Happy New Ear

"When you are in the presence of the president of the United Staes, I don't care if you've been a devout Democrat for the last hundred years, you're likely to pull your punches to some degree," Mr. Eagleburger said....  1: Iraq I ran this image myself back in...

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Media Focus Photo

Brimming With Bravado

If it looked like Jack could simply be pigeon holed as some wannabe gangster, his choice of dressing in a style traditional with his Jewish Orthodox faith as he left court in Washington Tuesday made these initial characterizations seem insensitive at best....  From PBS: JIM LEHRER: The hat...

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Disaster Focus Photo January 4, 2006

West Virgina: Positively Negative

Using a montage of front page covers, The Talent Show has an interesting visual analysis of the media coverage of the mining disaster in West Virginia (Undoing A Miracle - link).  In a debacle reminiscent of "Dewey Defeats Truman," it had been initially (and erroneously) confirmed that all the...

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Giving Michael Corleone A Run For His Money?

Likening the image to a scene from "The Godfather" (one of Jack's favorite movies), Maureen Dowd said that Abramoff looked "like a stocky gangster from a 40's movie in black fedora and trench coat" going so far as to suggest that the outfit provided evidence of "how graft and...

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo January 2, 2006

The Boys From Brazil, And Other Fallujah Stories

Nice Fallujah series at Crisis Pictures taken by photographer Maricio Lima (only?)....  I had a number of impressions -- tendency to photograph children alone, and what happens (#_, #_) when parents/adults are also in the picture....  Wonder why photographers have such a tendency to shoot them, what ethics are...

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