February 14, 2006

Fighting BOK


It seems that western editorial cartoonists are having a difficult time knowing where to land when it comes to the image of Mohammed.

Feeling a license through their medium, and offended that they have become fall guys in the controversy, these artists seem to be chafing over the situation, especially as Muslim reaction continues to escalate.  Having largely instituted a self-imposed (if not, publisher imposed) moratorium on the prophet himself, several cartoonists seem intent on depicting him without depicting him.  Take Cagle’s latest, for example.

Other artists, on the other hand, don’t seem to be holding such a firm line when it comes to the image.  BOK, for example, might think that he’s lampooning the TV networks for trying to have it both ways with the Danish images.  In doing so, however, BOK gives us Mohammed himself, with the crude styling and the allusion to drug use an evident (if unconscious) expression of his own anger over the situation.

BOK’s blog with reaction to the image here.

(Chip Bok/Philadelphia Inquirer.  www. blogs.ohio.com/chip_bok)

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