February 11, 2006

Your Turn: Flare For The Dramatic


A reader who shall remain anonymous referred me to this aerial photograph.  It’s part of a series of three shots, as well as an accompanying video.

He writes:

I’ve been trying to figure out why, or what is it about these photos that make them so remarkable.  It can’t because they were taken in Iraq because unless the photo credits are read, one wouldn’t know the location.  Maybe it’s the awesome, visible wing-tip vortices; or the brown and bare landscape below; or the closeness of the KC-130’s; or — I don’t know! Everything just seems to fall in place to make 3 great pictures.  The video? That’s just amazing.

I also find the image incredibly evocative, although probably for much different reasons than this reader did.  I was interested in what kind of reactions and interpretations The BAG community had.

To do justice to the image, see the full series here.

Hat tip: milkandcookies

(Image: Marine Corps Combat Camera Management and Imagery Management Unit/United States Department of Defense/September 4, 2003/chamorrobible.org)

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