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International Focus Photo April 14, 2015

Maternal Instinct

This photo was submitted by one of our readers, Don Fitzsimons, responding to a comment about the picture in the Jakarta Post.

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Photo January 22, 2013

On Conservative Panic, Obama "Unmasking True Identity"

The right wing meme circulating about the Obama is that the President, untouchable, is finally showing his true liberal colors. Maybe there's some of that. But perhaps what these pictures demonstrate is something more basic.

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Photo December 23, 2012

Best of the Bag, 2012: Santorum on the Trail

Bag revisits some of the best photos and posts of 2012, this one Stephen Crowley's extraordinary capture of Rick Santorum on the GOP primary campaign trail.

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Photo December 21, 2012

Best Bag Posts of the Year: Oversight in the Media-Military Marriage

Bag revisits the best of our 2012 posts, this one examining the compromise of war coverage in this age of embedding and advocated oversight of media-military engagement. It's one of Bagnews' (and Michael's) best posts of the year.

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Campaign '12 Photo August 31, 2012

The Real Romney Keynote: Eastwood Renders the Invisible Invisible

People can fault Eastwood for his age or Romney's handlers over vetting, but marshaling his still formidable creative and directorial instincts, Clint merely (if unintentionally) blew the visual lid off the charade.

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John Moore Photo February 12, 2012

The Great Recession in Moore Depth

Looking for photographs that tackle this brutal recession, one of the first names that comes to mind -- for eloquence as well as diligence -- is Getty's John Moore, recognized this week with a World Press Photo award.

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Campaign '12 Photo December 28, 2011

Next Up For GOP – Santorum's Pigeon Stew?

With the GOP campaign endlessly bound up in "anybody but X" and "savior of the month," might Iowa be Rick Santorum's best chance for a trophy?

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Occupy Wall Street Photo November 24, 2011

Occupy: Weathering the Early Phase

Given its fortitude and creativity, I'm pretty sure Occupy will survive this first chapter. And despite the bitterness of the past few weeks, I believe the gonzo will survive also.

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Occupy Wall Street Photo November 18, 2011

Occupy Oblivion

Following Occupy's eviction from Zuccotti Park just 36 hours before, and in light of similar evictions across the country, nerves were raw as protesters marked the two month anniversary of the movement.

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Occupy Wall Street Photo October 20, 2011

Julie Turkewitz at Occupy Wall Street: Love, Hope, and Economic and Social Violence

Given the surge of hope Obama inspired in America's youth four years ago, especially among African-Americans, that OWS represents the capacity to re-engage that spirit with so much positive energy is truly a cause for optimism.

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Occupy Wall Street Photo October 17, 2011

Eclipsing the Drones

Can OWS protests close the book on ten years of militarism?

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Alan Chin Photo August 29, 2011

Hurricane Irene: For New York City, The Storm That Wasn't

Dodging a bullet, and crying wolf: Hurricane Irene in New York City.

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Disaster Focus Photo August 12, 2011

Jake Price in Japan: Five Months On

Jake Price returns to the earthquake and tsunami devastated zone in Japan, where cultural celebration renews life alongside mountains of debris and for some -- bleak prospects for the future.

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Campaign '12 Photo August 8, 2011

The Picture from Iowa, 2012: Prayerful Bachmann Flaunts Separation of Church and State

In reading the news accounts, and then examining Brendan's photos, it seems that policy, advocacy, testimony and prayer is now all simmering in the same soup.

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Disaster Focus Photo July 31, 2011

Jake Price in Japan: The Road Back

Jake Price reflects on photographing the aftermath of Japan's earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear meltdown, as he embarks to return for a follow-up journey to the disaster zone.

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David Degner Photo July 20, 2011

David Degner & Alia Malek in Cairo: Permanent Revolution

As Revolution has become a permanent part of daily life, so has Tahrir Square acquired vendors, barbers, siphoned electricity ... and mint tea.

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BagNewsSalon Slideshow Interviews Photo July 11, 2011

John Moore: Surviving the U.S. Recession

We at BagNews are proud to provide this audio slideshow drawing attention to a recession that may have ended on paper, but in practical terms, continues to plague so many Americans. Also, we are pleased to offer this forum to John Moore, a compassionate and truly gifted photographer so...

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Culture Focus Photo July 9, 2011

Danny Ghitis in Poland: Stealing From Auschwitz

Photographer Danny Ghitis analyzes the phenomenon of people stealing from the Auschwitz death camp museum.

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