July 11, 2011

John Moore: Surviving the U.S. Recession

John Moore Surviving the U.S. Recession

“A lot of people who would never be in line at a soup kitchen find themselves there with their families just trying to get something to eat. This is really new in this recession.”

Since 2008, John Moore, a staff photographer at Getty Images, has been documenting the impact of the U.S. Recession. Having lived abroad for many years, John was especially aware of the economic challenges affecting so many Americans. From the scene of mortgage evictions and crowded job fares to the lines at food banks and free health clinics, Moore found people willing to let him photograph in the most bitter of circumstances. Besides an overview of the breadth and scope of the enduring recession, this BagNewsSalon audio slideshow also documents Moore’s commitment to the story. We are proud to provide this window, to draw attention to a recession that may have ended on paper, but in practical terms, continues to plague so many Americans. Also, we are pleased to offer this forum to a compassionate and truly gifted photographer so highly attuned to the voices of humanity. — Sandra Roa

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