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Uncategorized Photo March 30, 2006

Your Turn: Britney Pro-Life

I can't wait to see where you takes this one.  The other two views are here and here.  Here's a short background summary on this right wing masterpiece.  Here's a link to the gallery exhibition.

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Losing Reception

If GDub thinks he's having trouble with Iraqi images on U.S. TV, he seems to overlook the bigger issue of what the Iraqi's are watching. With our military superiority largely mitigated by political turmoil, we have become enveloped in a massive perceptual battle -- on radically unfamiliar and increasingly adversarial...

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Bush Focus Photo March 29, 2006

Pitching The Staff

Marking its supposed staff shake-up,  the White House released a not-so-intentionally humorous set of images Tuesday.  Forgetting for a moment that the Card for Bolten swap is little more than a token difference, consider the "meta-communication" in and between these shots. Given the way Bush has been floundering, the top...

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo March 27, 2006

The Invasion Two-Step

Leave it to the White House, and the preponderance of more dramatic news (U.S. getting dragged into Iraq civil war; Washington immigration fight bringing people into the streets) to water this down, but the news of the British war memo is a real bombshell. The NYT has disclosed a memo,...

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Race Focus Photo

"You Bug So Much You Woke Up The Sleeping Giant"

Back in 2001, in working with the first Villaraigosa mayoral campaign to create a series of identifying web and print graphics, we imagined a different character for L.A.'s City Hall.The vision involved an emphasis on listening, openness and the capacity to build bridges between radically disparate communities.  Plenty of...

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Uncategorized Photo March 26, 2006

(Oops, Sorry. I Must Be In The Wrong Place. I Thought This Was The Trailer For The New "Miami Vice" Movie.)

Okay, now I'm convinced the NYT bleeds elephant red. Even if today's NYT Mag profile of Maryland's GOP Senatorial candidate isn't completely flattering, why does it feel like we are somehow supposed to be fascinated with this guy?  Why, especially given these shots, should it seem like the coolest, most...

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Business Focus Photo March 24, 2006

We Were Fam-i-ly

As a visual piece of corporate propaganda, what's not to admire? Maybe it's not blaxploitation in the classic sense, but there's 'ole Andy Young, shaken' it with a sea of young sisters alongside one big-ass stereo speaker.  Yep, Andy -- famous for his role in the civil rights movement, labor...

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Bush Focus Photo March 23, 2006

The Department Of Redundancy Department (Or: All Over But The Shouting)

True To Scale Wow, Three Plans?  I Didn't Know They Had One. No Longer Anchored To The Ground Actually A GWB "Reminder-To-Myself" Post-It Note. The Future Looks Bright  -- As A Televangelist! (click through for image and captions)

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Campaign '06 Photo March 22, 2006

Your Turn: Let's Roll

Is it politically incorrect to discuss the visual power of Ms. Duckworth and her candidacy?  In general, people seem uncomfortable publicly dealing with the subject of the "physically challenged."  Still, Ms. Duckworth is a woman; an Asian-American; an Iraq War veteran; she's charasmatic; and she's missing two lower legs. ...

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Media Focus Photo

The Latest Make Over

Media Matters (link) has a good summary of WAPO's slide into the right wing blogosphere.

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Spin Focus Photo

Reading With The Sound Off

How rickety is Bush's faulty tower?  This is how bad it is: This morning, GW was actually forced to take a question from Helen Thomas. I don't know what news briefing CBS was watching.  Although Bush was edgy and aggressive in his own defense, Jim Axelrod reported simply that: "this...

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BAGannouncements Photo March 21, 2006

Bagging Koufax

It's funny how things happen at just the particular moment. Having been working The BAG beat for some time now, I've developed a pretty good sense of how to pace myself -- even if that pace is pretty torrid.  In the last day or two, however, I pushed it so...

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Bush Focus Photo March 20, 2006

Bush: On Drugs

(If you're reading this via RSS, the post consists primarily of a graphic of Bush going through a pharmacy with an ordinary citizen.  You'll have to click through to see it.  If you don't think it's funny, I give you you're money back....) George Bush (R - Mylanta). Rove said, just...

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Spin Focus Photo March 19, 2006

Iraq Anniversary

Lately, many of the Iraqi images you've sent me have emphasized blood -- mostly blood in the streets, or blood on people's hands.  I tend to interpret this as a wish for finality -- as if the presence of so much blood must represent some kind of bottom line.... ...

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Lacing The Sugar

What's so duplicitous about this Week In Review article is that it's The Times forcing Obama onto the pedestal at the same time they warn of a fall....  This latest fuss and bother comes about as a result of the the recent Washington Gridiron dinner....  Give credit to the...

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Spin Focus Photo March 18, 2006

Fresh From Elmo

Fresh from her meeting with Elmo in Indonesia, Condi Rice had a rough go in Australia where protests marred her appearance at the University of Sydney.  Inside the school's Conservatorium of Music, students heckled her, then provided 45 minutes of critical questions on issues such as America's international...

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Media Focus Photo March 16, 2006

Pumped By Old Glory

Have we discussed the flag lately? This morning, I opened the NYT to find a completely banal story atop the front page regarding Wyoming's energy tax windfall.  What grabbed me immediately, however, was that damn flag.  I say "damn" because I couldn't get what (and how much) it was doing...

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Bush Focus Photo March 15, 2006

New Post Office

This photo, taken Tuesday, did not come in a frame.  That was my doing.  However, I suppose it will end up in one shortly, if not in the Dunham household, then on Representative Kuhl's wall. The image, which appeared on the White House website Tuesday, shows Bush signing a bill...

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