March 21, 2006

Bagging Koufax


It’s funny how things happen at just the particular moment.

Having been working The BAG beat for some time now, I’ve developed a pretty good sense of how to pace myself — even if that pace is pretty torrid.  In the last day or two, however, I pushed it so hard, I blew myself out a little bit.  Not to worry, it happens.  But I don’t like getting so overloaded that I miss a post — which I did this AM.  So, still a little groggy, it was even more stunning to get such wonderful news in this morning’s email.

For someone who can usually find the right words, I cannot express how honored I am to have been voted a finalist in three Koufax Award categories.

As this award has grown, the Koufax has become the premier honor for liberal bloggers.  Watching the votes come in, I thought I had a good chance of making the final round in the Best Post category.  (Still, I felt that I shared this honor with Alan Chin, whose incredible post-Katrina photography comprised the basis of my entry: Katrina Aftermath: And Then I Saw These.)  I just had no idea, however, that I might also land in the final group for Best New Blog or Most Deserving of Wider Recognition.  If you’re a regular visitor here — and, especially, if you’re an active part of our incredible ongoing discussion/seminar — you know how much I consider this site a community.  I share this acknowledgment with you, and thank you for being an integral part of The BAG.  I would also add that the liberal blogosphere is absolutely overflowing with  incredible voices and perceptions.  In this larger home, I am just one of many.

(image: yours truly — on vacation)

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