April 12, 2006

Another Read On "The Man"


This shot — featuring U.S. General Colonel H.R. McMaster — has a random, if underhanded, visual twist to it.  As elaborated in last week’s in-depth New Yorker article on U.S. military adjustments in Iraq, General Colonel McMaster employs an approach to counterinsurgency which pays significant respect to Iraqi culture.

In spite of late-inning improvements to military strategy, however, the reading of McMaster’s partially obscured name suggests an impression the U.S. won’t soon live down.


Twists aside, the overall photo also casts doubt on our execution.  He may well be in good stead with the Iraqis, but the image suggests General Colonel McMaster is having trouble just exercising conversational mastery with the man to his right.

(Edited 4.13.06 9:26 am EST)

(image: Samantha Appleton.  Tal Afar, Iraq. New Yorker Magazine. April 10, 2006. p. 49)

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