April 27, 2006

Big, Big Snow


(… Looks like I’m on a Malkin jag.)

I don’t blame Michelle for posting this shot of the new White House Press Secretary on Tuesday.  Given that Tony Snow’s appointment was still a rumor at that point, Malkin disclosed straight away that this image came from the right-wing photoshop factory.  However, I think the image might suggest a few things about the current wingnut state of mind — especially when you compare it to Wednesday’s real thing:


Here’s how I read the parts:

A.  This operation, once famous for “blissful denial,” will rise again!

B.  If you think some of the proportions are off, well, we’ve also brought in some new special effects people.

C.  My hair is black.  I might dye it grey, however, to blend in with everyone here who is aging so fast.

D.  In extending an olive branch to the media, I have on my “contrite” blue tie.

E.  Promising total access to himself and his inner circle, Dubya gave me his lapel pin.

F.  If I don’t turn around, I can just act like it’s still the FOX logo.

G.  Okay, they’ve had a few problems around here.  But this appointment is going to be big — really big.  (Click pic for true size, as shown on MM.)

(image 1:  David Lunde. via michellemalkin.com.  image 2: Tim Sloan/AFP. April 26, 2006.  Washington.  Via YahooNews.)

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