April 7, 2006

Campaign Update: Tower Three


“Every day I think about it,” Giuliani said. “It can be a person

jumping, or seeing body parts, seeing a little boy or girl at

a funeral. And then I also try to remember all the wonderful

heroism the firemen and the police showed that day.”

With the Moussaoui trial devolving into disaster porn, “America’s Mayor” had no qualms turning it into a campaign venue.  If discretion generally governs depiction of the stricken World Trade Towers, this courtroom drawing practically turns Rudy’s head into surviving Tower Three.

Placement and scale not only reinforces Giuliani as a centerpiece of 9/11, it foreshadows a core election meme –  that Hizzoner can stand his ground with the terrorists.  (And if that doesn’t seem like treasure, see how hard it is to erase Rudi and sketch Bush in there instead.)

I find it troubling this image even slightly evokes RG in front of a window, instead of the obvious video screen.  But then, we might as well get used to it.  The closer we get to New Hampshire, the more that frame will becomes the exclusive property of Giuliani ’08.

(revised 4.8.06.  8:07am pst)

(image: Art Lein/AFP.  Alexandria, Virginia.  April 6, 2006. Via YahooNews)

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