April 6, 2006

I love the animal. …It's my kid holding the gun!


I don’t get the feeling we’re seeing everyone’s true stripes.

Bill Frist was profiled last week by both the NYT and the LAT based on an interview he gave to the AP.  As expected, the tentative NYT was more qualified about Frist’s dismal interview and poor performance as Majority Leader (Frist Revamps Image as He Looks to 2008).  On the other hand, the LAT (Frist’s Senate Leadership Faulted as Self-Serving) simply let Frist’s Senate Republican colleagues ride him down.

I was going to post that front page shot from the NYT article. (I call it the strangulation pose.)  However, I thought this recent hunting trip to Tanzania on Frist’s PAC site was much more interesting. (Besides the zebra, you will want to also peruse the gazelle and the buffalo.)

The caption states simply: “Senator Frist hunting zebra in Tanzania with his son Jonathan.”  … But,  if the not-at-all veiled intention is to kill the animal, isn’t it a bit sadistic — especially given the docility — to pose with it first like a friend?  Or, is that just a hunting thing?

(For more: See The BAG’s ongoing Frist Investigation.)

(image: Volpac.org)

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