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April 16, 2006

Sign For A Head


If it’s Easter, it must mean … Christian fundamentalism. (… That is, if you’re the NYT Week In Review.)

Sunday’s Times section carried not one, but two articles on the evangelical movement.  There was a political piece on the front page (Looking to Win in November, With a 2-Year Old Playbook), and a second story (Evangelicals Debate the Meaning of “Evangelical”) on page five.

The photo above accompanied story number one.  Getting caught up in it, I started thinking about possible meanings underlying the symbolism in the “Defend Marriage” logo.


Following that, I was simply amused the protester seemed to have the sign for a head.  Could it  demonstrate how stereotypes inhibit the ability to see and the opportunity to think?

(image: Tom Olmscheid/AP.  Minnesota.  April 16, 2006.  NYT Week In Review, p.1)

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