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April 10, 2006

Toning Down The Radicalism


If you were looking for a front line player in the racist campaign against Mexican immigrants, Michelle Malkin would be a likely candidate.  And what is her primary line-of-attack lately?  It’s that pro-immigration demonstrators have hijacked the American flag.

In a post two days ago, Ms. Malkin accused “illegal alien public relations experts” of advising followers to “tone down their radicalism” by minimizing their use of the Mexican flag.  Ms. Malkin then featured the image above (taken at the huge Dallas protest on Sunday) to suggest the marchers — whom she refers to as “reconquistadors” — simply couldn’t hold back from flying the red, white and green.

Currently, reactionaries like Malkin and The Minuteman are keenly interested in protesters exclusively carrying the Mexican flag.  If I catch her inference, these shots are supposed to demonstrate sole allegiance to Mexico — and that any employment of American iconography is strictly a manipulation.

(image: mjolnir910 at  Via

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