May 30, 2006


The enemy cannot defeat us on the battlefield, but what they

can do is put horrible images on our TV screens.

–George Bush, Philadelphia Congressional Dinner, May 24, 2006


Two CBS Cameramen are killed and Correspondent Kimberly

Dozier was critically wounded in Baghdad car bombing yesterday.



Anti-U.S. rioting broke out in Kabul yesterday following

traffic accident involving Afghanis and U.S. military vehicle.



Bodies of Iraqis reportedly slain in Marine massacre in

Haditha in November.  Breaking story is being compared, in

potential impact, to Abu Ghraib.


(image 1: Khalid Mohammed/AP. May 29, 2006.  Baghdad.  Via YahooNews. image 2; Shah Marai/AFP-Getty.  May 30, 2006.  Kabul.  image 3: Reuters TV.  November 19, 2005.  Haditha.  Via YahooNews.)

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