June 9, 2006

Give Me The Largest Frame You've Got


Of course, the “elimination” of Zarqawi was a strategic accomplishment which provides a moral boost both to the U.S. military and also the nascent government of Iraq. 

How big was Zarqawi, though? 

You can look at this pic from yesterday’s parade, and think he was huge.  You have only to listen to Rummy, however, to appreciate how much Zarqawi “personified” — rather than embodied — the “hydra headed” terror network in Iraq.

For “Mission Accomplished”-level overstatement, however, look no further than the latest Economist.


“After Zarqawi?”  Come on!  If it was bin Laden there, fine. Saddam would more than fill the slot.  (Bush would, too.)  But to elevate this guy to a level where he constituted his own era? 

Well, the idea is as out-of-touch as the photo is out-of-date.

(image 1:
Ahmad al-Rubaye/AFP. Baghdad.  June 9, 2006.  Via YahooNews.  image 2: The Economist.  Jun 10th 2006.  Cover)

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