July 17, 2006

Dems Fold Over Web Caskets


Oh, now I understand why the DNC pulled its “controversial” web ad about America being on the wrong track.  It was not just because of pressure over one controversial image — this shot of caskets coming back from Iraq.  It’s because it contained two offensive frames — the second revealing a standing gun and helmet, that classic battlefield tribute to a fallen comrade.


So, once again the crazy liberals are up in arms.  They’re screaming how the party is being run by a bunch of spineless wimps, and how, in contrast, Rove and Co. milked the visual hell out of smoldering WTC wreckage.

But hey, we’re talking about two pics here.  Clearly, that’s piling on.

You can still view the clip at Alternet.

(images: DNCC.org Multimedia via You Tube via Alternet)

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