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Disaster Focus Photo July 14, 2006

Lowering The Threshold

With the escalating violence, and the political complexity of the current crisis, however, I feel I would be negligent -- as well as hypocritical -- to simply ignore the pictorial dynamics and the actions of the visual media in handling this extremely critical Israeli, Hamas, Hezbollah, Gaza, Palestinian, Syrian,...

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International Focus Photo July 12, 2006

Thrust In The Spotlight

Maybe last week's fireworks (not to mention, publicity like this) were part of the marketing campaign to move a rockets and a little plutonium....  If The Economist is trying to make a boogeyman out of Kim, didn't that strategy go out with Saddam?...  They frame Kim as a man...

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Uncategorized Photo July 11, 2006

The "A" Team

Note: Due to a service outage, Typepad lost all data posted over the past 12 hours. I had a back-up of this entry, but unfortunately, all the comments were lost. My apologies.   (click to expand) Faced with a delicate and highly complex foreign relations challenge in North Korea,...

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Campaign '06 Photo July 10, 2006

Home Alone

Trying to rebrand himself as the second coming of Alphonse D'Amato, yesterday's Santorum piece in the NYT chronicles Ricky's late (and lame) attempt to distinguish himself for constituent service. No wonder.  The ideological extremist is getting hammered for being out-of-touch with the folks back home.

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo July 9, 2006

Killing A Cougar

News coverage of the war doesn't usually say much about the firepower of the Iraq insurgency.  As part of a general war update, however, yesterday's LAT reported that a roadside bomb had destroyed an American armored vehicle outside Ramadi, killing three G.I.'s. The story then went into some detail...

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Iraq and Afghanistan War Photo July 8, 2006

Early Warning?

Isn't it a strange twist of fate that Steven Green was featured in this Army News Service photo back on December 9th of last year in the town of Mullah Fayed?

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Photo July 6, 2006

Getting Played?

This ad, touting the new white Sony PSP (Playstation Player), was recently launched in Amsterdam.  Other sites that have run this ad (example 1, 2) ask the question: Is it racist?...  In the era of "viral marketing," isn't the goal to provoke enough to generate buzz, but not past...

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Faith Focus Photo July 5, 2006

Going 4th

Independence Day was generous with the images this year.

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A More Human Face On Guantanamo

Two weeks ago, The BAG anticipated that the Pentagon had no choice but to open up the view into Guantanamo.  (And, that was before the Supreme Court negated the Bush terror prosecution strategy.)  These photos, released by the military right before the court decision, seemed to anticipate the...

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Photo July 4, 2006

Dick Cheney Does July 4th

The Administration may be prolific in its use of symbolism, but Dick Cheney's 4th of July weekend photo op at the Daytona auto race was an absolute orgy of conservative, nationalistic, male, southern and militarist imagery.

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Spin Focus Photo July 2, 2006

Only The Dead (And Right Wing) Have Seen The End Of War

The Administration gets completely smacked down by the Supremes for their terror detention policy and the Repugs crow how that's a good thing.  The situation in Iraq keeps getting worse, with the country tilting toward civil war, and the Repugs declare how the war is their best issue. To make...

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BAGannouncements Photo July 1, 2006

The Open BAG

If you have a particular image to refer for comment (hopefully with some analysis of your own), provide a link to the image along with your thoughts.  If we get a number of submissions, I'll post them right here in a day or so. (...Sorry, couldn't help myself.  Anything...

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Bush Focus Photo

Heartbreak Hotel

If you were to ask, they were "just" showing Prime Minister Koizumi where Dr. King was shot -- since they had done it up at Graceland and were in the neighborhood anyway.  In their constant (and symbolically heavy-handed) quest to ingratiate themselves with the black voting populace, however, it's...

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