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July 12, 2006

Thrust In The Spotlight


1.  The BAG is taking a risk trying to interpret this after having just seen “Superman.”

2.  Honestly, I’m not getting the message here.  Is this about ascendency?  Or, forty seconds of fame, then a flame out?

3.  Maybe last week’s fireworks (not to mention, publicity like this) were part of the marketing campaign to move a few rockets and a little plutonium.

3.  If The Economist is trying to make a bogeyman out of Kim, didn’t that concept explode with Saddam?

4.  They frame Kim as a man on the move, but his actual pic suggests a real stiff.  So, what of it?  Are they saying he won’t budge?  He’s completely whacked?  (Or just, that was the best choice of the clipart?)

5.  The new “pigeon of choice” for Japanese skeet shooters?

6.  Please don’t tell me that name is going to stick.

Your take?

(hat tip: Keir)

(image: The Economist.  July 8th, 2006. Cover)

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