July 23, 2006

The Marines Have Landed. (Pass Your Luggage.)


If you closed your eyes for a moment, couldn’t you see this image as having some kind of connection to international, rather than domestic politics?

Instead, however, the visual media — once again doubling as the Administration’s PR arm — floods us with dramatic pics of sea landings and helicopter air-lifts to help reframe the Government’s delayed response to citizen’s pleas for evacuation.

I just love the shot, reeking — as it does — of authority, resourcefulness and spirit.  At once, it conjures iconic WW II beach landings.  It shouts out: “Dark days may be upon us, but we will prevail!”  And best of all, those college students and seniors are so distant, it almost appears like the Marines, on Lebanese soil, are making a (larger) difference. 

(image: Kevork Djansezian/Associated Press.  July 21, 2006. New York Times. Cover.)

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