August 7, 2006

Kiss Of Death


This image was featured on the Yahoo Newswire yesterday to mark the climax of the Lieberman – Lamont primary contest.  On the surface, the message is clear: Lieberman’s embrace of Bush has likely proved his undoing (or, undressing).

There is an iconic significance to this photo that seems to extend beyond the Lieberman – Lamont race.  The image, set against the red, white and blue personal drapery and lei, smacks of something bigger, a political stirring that has merely been flirting with Connecticut.

Is Joe (No)mentum in trouble because he and Bush have been “in bed” together?  No, Joe is on the outs because he symbolizes a submissiveness in the face of aggressive and continuous advances.  (As they say in these types of situations: it’s not about sex, it’s about power.)  (Sadly, of course, Lieberman seems to enjoy sleeping with The President.  Not only is he a two-timer, but he still has time to go before he wakes up and realizes he’s been had.)

If Lieberman gets slapped today, he could probably be regarded as just the first in line.

As Digby indicates, the Democratic brain trust has been thinking about pushing similar buttons in the Fall.  With Bush having long had his way with every conservative office holder under, around and behind the party’s not-so-big tent, it would be an elegant strategy simply to remove Lieberman’s face, and stick the local Republican congressional candidate’s mug there instead.

(image 1: Spencer Platt)/Getty/AFP.  June 8, 2006.  New Haven, Connecticut.  Via YahooNews.)

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