September 8, 2006

On Message

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In the world outside the bubble, word is that Karl is losing his touch.

Following a weekend break, GWB travelled to the Maritime Training Institute in Piney Point, Maryland, to push his national security agenda, the issue he’ll showcase from now through September 11th.  These shots show Karl mingling outside with the press.

It was reported Rove entertained the reporters with a hunting story.  With Bush’s political message mostly falling on deaf ears, however, it looks as much like Rove is doing what he can to reinforcing those rudimentary mantras: “stay the course” and “we are at war.”

Being in the bubble, of course, means it’s deaf ears all around.  Maybe the press is pushing harder now (and receiving more cajoling in return), but the cupped ear and look of jest demonstrates that the bubble, as always, remains impenetrable.

(images: Jonathan Ernst/Reuters.  September 4, 2006.  Piney Point, Maryland.  Via YahooNews.) 

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