October 4, 2006

Contact With America


Lets go back in time to, say, two weeks ago….

That’s when Adam Nagourney wrote this little piece in the NYT likening the ’06 Mid-Term Election to that milestone event in ’94.  But then, are the dynamics that different this year?  How much has the conservative revolution really changed?

I mean, if you just remove one letter, and replace one leading Congressional face with another (Foley are Newt being virtual look-alikes, anyway), is it that big a difference?

(By the way, today’s rumor is that Hastert wants to re-use the “CWA” slogan again …once he figures a way to switch the “W” to a “Y.”)

(image 1: John Duricka/AP.  1994. nyt.com.  image 2: Marc Serota/Reuters. February 21, 2006.  Miami, Florida. via YahooNews.)

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