October 10, 2006

Locked And Loaded


This afternoon, I received this from Chris, a regular reader, with his pic of the day…

After North Korea’s nuclear test, or sort-of test, Bush Administration cowboys ride the United Nations halls, cruising for action.  U.S. Ambassador John Bolton, left, leads the way, ready to fend off the enemy, while a young popinjay-in-training follows along, both affecting the tough-guy swagger favored by President Bush.

“Stand back, world, we’re locked and loaded,” the enforcers say, looking more like wanna-be thugs waltzing into a nightclub, ready to demand Cristal and young flesh. “Back off, no questions, we’re on a mission!”

If this scene had appeared on the late TV news, it would have lead to tense dreams. Luckily it was on the Times‘ website, so we could see it fade and drop off the page, along with Bolton’s macho blather, below.

Hate to sound like an idealist, but why does this country work so hard to destroy the UN?

(Early post)

“We’re looking for very swift action by the Security Council,” Bolton told reporters. “We think it’s important to respond even to the claim of a nuclear test by the North Koreans and we’ll be going 24/7 if we need to be to get this resolution adopted quickly.”

(Second try)

”No one defended it, no one even came close to defending it,” Bolton said of the reported test. ”I was very impressed by the unanimity of the council … on the need for a strong and swift answer to what everyone agreed amounted to a threat to international peace and security.”

(A subdued Mr. Bolton holsters his gun for the evening.)

“John R. Bolton, the American ambassador to the United Nations, reported that the 15 members of the Security Council were “solid” in deploring the North Korean move, and he said he hoped for swift action. But by Monday evening the Council adjourned its deliberations and set further meetings for Tuesday while, Mr. Bolton said, they received instructions from their capitals.”

Three Bolton posts from nytimes.com.

(image: Bebeto Matthews/A.P. United Nations. October. 9, 2006. Via YahooNews)

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