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October 29, 2006

Your Turn: Turning A Phrase


Considering its publication a little over a week before the American election, where is this cover going?  Here are some possibilities to get you started.

This is:

… a subtle poke at Bush/Blair for having dumbed down foreign policy to the slogan level.

… confirmation that the American election has come down to a war referendum.

…  an acknowledgment, now virtually irrefutable by the military and Republicans, that we have to — somehow — get out.

… a political reminder (and assist to the conservatives) that the liberals don’t have any good answers either.

Regarding the picture, and picking up on the question mark, seems like the helicopter is surely a mirage.

It’s your BAG….

(image: unattributed. The Economist – North America Edition.  October 28, 2006.

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